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The dispatcher plays a critical role in aviation safety and efficiency. Airline Operational Control (AOC) centers worldwide are often designed around the dispatcher and their contribution to the operation. The training program is designed for students seeking to meet the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority's aeronautical knowledge requirements for an Airline Transport Pilot's License/Flight Operations Officers License

Course Units:
  • Principles of Flight
  • General Navigation and Radio Navigation
  • Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Weight and Balance
  • Airframes, Engines & Aircraft Systems
  • Operational Procedures
  • Performance
  • Flight Planning & Monitoring
  • Human Performance & Limitations
  • VFR/IFR Radio Communications
Course Requirements
  • Minimum O-level Mean Grade is C Plain (C) or equivalent
  • Age: 19 years and six months

9 months. - N/B: Inclusive attachment

Application Fee. KES 2,000.00

Tuition Fee : KES 250,000.00

June & October intake 2021 closed for applicationsĀ  . Next intake February 2022