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  • Training Needs Assessment (Classroom, 3 days)


    In this three-day course, we will explore all aspects of Training Needs Assessment so that you will be better equipped to respond effectively to requests from your supervisors, colleagues or peers when asked for performance improvement interventions. You will be armed with the tools and knowledge that will ensure that you can ask the right questions, find the answers to performance problems and uncover opportunities for improvement. These skills will enable a more strategic approach to improving the overall performance at the individual, operational and organizational level.

    Course format: This course is available at IATA Training Centers, regional training partner locations, and on-demand as in-company training. This course provides 24 hours of instruction delivered by an official IATA Instructor.

    What you will learn

    Upon completing this course you will have the skills to:

    • Recognize the benefits to the organization in implementing a Training Needs Assessment in order to improve performance
    • Identify and explain the steps in the Training Needs Assessment process needed to identify performance gaps and their root cause
    • Identify and overcome the barriers and challenges when trying to implement a Training Needs Assessment
    • Identify issues/problems with performance, or opportunities to improve performance in your organization or work team
    • Determine when training is the appropriate response to a human performance problem or opportunity
    • Determine Return on Investment (ROI) and measure training effectiveness

    Course content

    • Training Needs Assessment process
    • Performance gaps and their causes
    • Tools and techniques for Training Needs Assessment
    • Data analysis interviews
    • Barriers and challenges to Training Needs Assessment
    • Overcoming barriers and challenges to Training Needs Assessment
    • Training Needs Assessment blueprint


    • Case studies
    • Group exercises

    This course is recommended for:

    • HR managers
    • Training managers
    • Experienced instructors

    Certificate awarded

    An IATA Certificate of Completion is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 70% or higher on all exercises and exams. A special distinction is awarded to participants obtaining a grade of 90% or higher.

    Additional information

    '"What fascinated me most of the program is its emphasis on performance improvement as the ultimate end of training and development. I'm delighted to have participated in this program from which I learnt considerably. I strongly recommend this course to any manager serious enough about performance improvement and profitability in their organizations."

    Dr. Eric Kumkani, HOD, Corporate Development Centre, South African Airways

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    Category Price (USD, before taxes)
    Non-Members $2,200.00
    Members $1,870.00
    Developing Nations $1,540.00

    This class is offered in cooperation with Kenya Airways. The regional price applies to residents of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ethiopia and Somalia.

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    Jack Maina
    Kenya Airways
    Email: iata.training@kenya-airways.com
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